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Primary telecommunication service is provided by SBC Ameritech with additional services being provided by MCI, XO, Cogent, Sirus and Comcast. All services are delivered to the NetPop on LL3.

Telecommunication Service Contact Information

Riser Closet

The building has contracted with IMG for riser management. In order to maintain a high level of security and insure that the riser remains organized, this is the ONLY contractor that will have access to the riser closet. In order to schedule work in the riser closet, please call IMG direct at 1-888-464-5520, 24 hours/7days.

Electrical/Telephone/Data Line Installation

Access to space occupied by other Tenants is sometimes required for the installation of electrical and telephone floor outlets and computer conduits. We will try to contact you ahead of time to request access for the electrician at a convenient time. Work of this nature is usually scheduled in the evening or on weekends so as not to disrupt Tenants during business hours.

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