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Use this website to access I-Visitor software. This software is used to enter visiting guests, deliveries, and contractors. Please contact Security if you do not have an I-Visitor password and ID. Only tenant coordinators should have access to this website.

Electrical Requirements for Furniture Partitions

The City of Chicago electric code is very strict concerning the electrical wiring of furniture partitions. Prior to the purchase of any partitions, please submit their specifications to the architect for review.

Floor Load

Code requirements prohibit placing loads upon floors which exceed the load per square foot for which the floor was designed. Floor loads vary by area on each floor of Aon Center. Please contact the Office of the Building and a trained engineer will let you know the floor load limit for the area in question. Should you find it necessary to utilize equipment which exceeds these ratings, you must receive prior written approval from the Office of the Building. We require documentation from the building’s licensed structural engineer verifying that such an installation at a specific location accompanies your request. The architect and the Operations Manager will review your request and accompanying documentation. When we receive confirmation from the building’s structural engineer that the installation is safe, we will send you a written approval.


Pets are not allowed on the property.

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