Green Initiatives

The Tenants Go Green mission promotes the collaboration and commitment of tenants, employees and Building management to work together to formulate and share ideas and develop programs geared towards environmentally friendly practices and energy-saving initiatives.

Tenants Go Green initiatives will include the following:

  • Sharing Green Initiatives and Energy Saving Best Practices
  • Green Purchasing
  • Earth Hour / Earth Day Events
  • Recycling Program
  • Composting Program
  • Green Tips - Ways to Go Green at Work & Home
  • Energy Star and Energy Conservation Measures
  • Public Transportation - Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • City of Chicago Green Office Challenge
  • USGBC LEED-Existing Building Gold Certification
  • Aon Center offers 8 Hybrid Parking spaces on LL1, with 6 Electric Charging Stations
  • Bike racks are located on LL1 near the Lake Street entrance.
  • LEED Gold since 2018
  • WELL Certified

Recycling Mission Statement

601 W Companies LLC and JLL are committed to improving our environment. As part of this commitment, Aon Center is determined to manage its resources more efficiently by initiating a recycling program in the building. The goals are to make recycling easy to understand and convenient for all employees while helping to improve our environment. Desk side containers for paper recycling are provided for each employee. Also, common area recycling containers for paper, aluminum, glass and plastic are placed in copy rooms or kitchens.

Recycling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is expected of employees?
Aon Center asks that you think before you throw materials into the trashcan, "Can this be recycled?" A good rule of thumb is, "If you can tear it you can recycle it!"

Please note that each office desk has two containers: the "garbage" container will be used for non-recyclable materials and the blue desk side container are used for recyclables. It is up to each person to place the right materials in each container.

What is the goal of the Aon Center’s recycling program?
Our goal is to recycle 100% of all paper products / materials, glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

What can we recycle? And what is not recyclable?
We have provided a list below to guide you. That is why it is very important to keep this handout in a safe place for future guidance.

Does Aon Recycle Electronic Waste and Batteries?
Yes! Aon Center offers e-waste recycling and battery recycling free of charge. If you have e-waste or batteries that need recycled please reach out to the contact below or enter a work order for janitorial to pick-up your items. The recycling is free of charge, but tenants will be billed back for janitorial time to remove the waste. The janitorial staff will place the e-waste and batteries in collection containers at the dock. Once the container is full, the e-waste is recycled and the building receives a certificate documenting that the waste was recycled. Please see the attachment below for e-waste that is accepted.

*Please note there will be an additional charge of $10 per item for Tube T.V.s and CRT Monitors.

What should we do if we have a problem or an idea?
We have provided contact information below if you have any questions regarding Tenants Go Green or Recycling at Aon Center. Any ideas that will help Aon Center meet our goals are greatly appreciated.

Make a difference for our environment! Help Aon Center Management spread the word about recycling.

Is there a composting program at Aon Center?
Yes, we offer an Organics Recycling Program at Aon Center. Organics Recycling is a cost-effective, Earth-friendly disposal option in your office. It's also a great way to foster a green image to your employees and customers! Click here (opens in a new window) for more information or reach out to the contact below.

Recycle These! Not These!
White and Colored Office Paper
Cardboard (OCC)
Carbonless Forms
All Envelopes with and without Windows
Advertising Brochures
Fax Paper
Junk Mail
File Folders
Stapled, Paper Clipped, and Rubber banded papers are OK
Glass Bottles
Plastic Bottles #1-5 &7
Aluminum Cans
Tin or Steel Cans
Pressure Sensitive Labels
Wax/Plastic Coated Paper/Bags
Tissue, Paper Towels & Napkins
Carbon Paper
Tyvek Envelopes
3-Ring Binders
Overhead Transparencies
Plastic Bottle #6


For more information, please contact Aon Center's Office Of The Building, at or 312-228-8200.

Please click here to view the Dirty Dozen Recycling Flyer (opens in a new window)

Please click here to view the Paper & Cardboard Recycling Flyer (opens in a new window)

Please click here to view the Cans & Bottles Recycling Flyer (opens in a new window)

Please click here to view Acceptable E-Waste (opens in a new window)

Please click here to view the Organics Recycling Flyer (opens in a new window)