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Material Removal and Property Removal Passes

To remove any equipment or similar office merchandise from the Building, you or whomever is removing the equipment will be required to have a Property Removal Pass signed by an authorized tenant representative. You must use a pass when furniture, boxes, or office machines are being removed from the Building either by a Tenant or a repairman.

The Security Command Center maintains signature cards for each Tenant, which lists all of the people in your office authorized to approve Property Removal Passes.

When preparing a Property Removal Pass, please list all articles being removed, the date they will be removed, and the name of your company. Have the pass signed by an authorized signor in your office. Then bring the completed pass to the security desk. The pass will be verified for a correct authorized signature.

Security retains the right to search all packages upon entering or exiting the building. Wrapped packages may be unwrapped by Security if deemed needed in order to physically verify the contents of the package.

Removal of Furniture

Each Tenant must provide advance written notice to the Office of the Building whenever furniture and equipment is to be removed from the property. Individual items (typewriter size or less) will be handled by use of the “Package Removal Authorization.” Items larger than a typewriter must be removed by following the procedures outlined in this section.

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